Collected Miscellany

The Mixtapology Series

Mixtape science: in this eight-part podcast series, FudoMouth's own DJ Phalaris takes the aesthetic of the mixtape to a new level. Embracing the spirit of old school cassette compilations, each Mixtapology episode explores an array of thematic and creative energies through an assemblage of music, sampled ideas and audio collage. The episodes all connect, creating an enfolding headphone journey that comes full circle, inviting repeat listens.

National Parks Project

It's become one of my goals to visit all of our National Parks. There are conserved public lands across America, all unique and significant, but I think its fair to say that our nation's essential ecological character, in its incredible diversity and unparalleled beauty, is best preserved in our National Parks. Here's a list of those I've visited so far...

Interview With Chris Wood

In 2009 I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Wood, the bassist from my favorite band, experimental jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood. I talked with Chris about MMW's new album project, the band's diverse influences, and improvisation as meditation. The interview was first published at Radio Free Chicago, and is archived in an extended version here at FudoMouth.

"The purpose of activism and art, or at least of mine, is to make a world in which people are producers of meaning, not consumers."

—Rebecca Solnit
Hope in the Dark