The Mixtapology Series

Mixtape science: in this eight-part podcast series, FudoMouth's own DJ Phalaris takes the aesthetic of the mixtape to a new level. Embracing the spirit of old school cassette compilations, each Mixtapology episode explores an array of thematic and creative energies through an assemblage of music, sampled ideas and audio collage. The episodes all connect, creating an enfolding headphone journey that comes full circle, inviting repeat listens.

The series was sporadically produced from 2006-2014, and is now complete. You can stream and download all eight 45-minute episodes below, individually or here: |

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DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 1
First Released Sept. 2006

THE SHAPE OF THE MACHINE: In this wiggy first volume, Phalaris delivers an experimental mix of jazz breaks, electronica, sound collage and archival audio, cutting his teeth and deftly establishing the structure of the series in his continuing captivation with the best of the way-back and the far-out...

the mixtapologist

Download Volume One [44min. MP3]

Insect audio from the film Microcosmos (1996)
Black Dice - Endless Happiness / Beaches & Canyons
Kazutoki Umezu - N'Kakka / First Deserter
wigwamtongue - "SystemAudio" (cutup) /
RJD2 - Explosive / In Rare Form
RJD2 - "live mix excerpt" / Radio 1 Breezeblock, 08.06.04
Lester Young - "previously unknown jam" (Dec. 1940) / NPR: April 15, 2006
Medeski Martin & Wood - Snake Anthony / live 04.19.2002
Tom Waits - Big Black Mariah / Rain Dogs
Amon Tobin - Saboteur / Supermodified
Great Adventure - Take Me Together / Great & Funky
G.W. Bush - "Freedom vs. Liberty" / The Daily Show, 01.20.2005
wigwamtongue - "audioGraFFiti" /
Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is the Massage LP Side A (1968)
ECC - Rocked by Rape /
md - untitled 3 / Applesap
Democracy Now! - "Total Information Awareness" / 06.30.2004
Douglas Daniels - "How Lester got drafted" / NPR: 12.27.2004
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Goodbye Porkpie Hat / A Standing Eight
Charles Mingus - Moanin' / Blues and Roots
Radiohead - Amazing Sounds of Orgy / Pyramid Song Single
Bitstream - Geodesic Space Dome / Domestic Economy 7
Terence Mckenna - "Dreaming Awake at the End of Time" (public talk)
Beck - Clock / Where It's At Single

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 2
First Released March 2007

WHAT WE USED TO CALL THE REAL WORLD: This second mix arcs away from the first, tracking a fluid exploration through electronic, glitch, bent hip-hop, ambient, sampled ideas and superb sound collage, conjuring in the process a call-and-response conversation about media and reality in the digital age...

Mixtapology Vol.2

Download Volume Two [42min. MP3]

Robert Rich - Sharpening Her Talons / Beastiary
Audio from the film Altered States (1980)
Mouse on Mars - Schlektron / Iaora Tahiti
Robert Anton Wilson - "Repeat this 666 times" / Maybe Logic (2003)
Avalanches - Run DNA / El Producto EP
Andrea Parkins - forest of nerves within us / Slippage
Thomas de Zengotita - "Mediated" (lecture) / Unbound-Voices
Troubleshooter - Rotating Mass / EP1
Bill Moyers - "Conference on Media Reform" / Democracy Now! 01.16.2007
Atmosphere - Scapegoat / Overcast
Company Flow - Help Wanted / Funcrusher Plus
wigwamtongue - ImmortalWindow /
RJD2 - Kill 'Em All Remix / In Rare Form
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) - Interview / Radio Radio
Tim Hecker - 7000 Miles / Radio Amor
Kid Koala - "live blues" (track 4) / live 11.02.2006
Peeping Tom - Your Neighborhood Spaceman / Peeping Tom
Freeform - Quadrumble / Wildcat EP
Terence Mckenna - "Dreaming Awake at the End of Time" (public talk) 
Brian Whitman - Holy night / A Singular Christmas
Robert Anton Wilson - "Sinister Explanations" / Maybe Logic (2003)
Captain Beefheart - Sure 'Nuff 'n Yes I Do / Safe as Milk
Medeski Martin & Wood - "improv" (s2t06) / live 04.16.2004

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 3
First Released August 2007

IT'S A WONDERFUL APOCALYPSE: This third volume structures a thematic journey through the shadowed mind of apocalypse longing, prophecy and prediction—from science fiction to the book of revelation—a challenging mix that unravels the absurdity of extreme thinking without ever breaking stride...

Download Volume Three [45min. MP3]

Peeping Tom - How U Feelin? (feat. Doseone) / Peeping Tom
Marilyn Manson - Baboon Rape Party / Golden Age of Grotesque
Audio from Negitivland's Over the Edge Radio Show
Alienslang - Brujoslang /
Audio from the film Children of Men (2006)
Der Zyklus - Biometric ID / Biometry
Audio from the film They Live (1988)
Buckethead - Three Fingers (Feat. Saul Williams) / Enter the Chicken
Matmos - Always Three Words / Quasi-objects
Aesop Rock - Night Light / Daylight EP
Coil - manunkind / Worship the Glitch
Capitol K - Darussalam / Island Row
Audio from the film Killing Fields (1984)
Um - Gizmosis / Stray Dog
Madeleine Albright - "the rapture" / The Mighty & the Almighty
Jerry Falwell - "the rapture" / Media Matters 08.28.2006
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Gasoline + Sunshine / Amazezine 7" Split
Modest Mouse - Here It Comes / Eveywhere & His Nasty Parlour Tricks
Busta Rhymes - There is Only One Year Left!!! / Extinction Level Event
Audio from the film Behind the Green Door (1972)
Carl Orff - Carmina Burana / Carmina Burana
White Zombie - Blood, Milk and Sky (Miss Sept Remix)
Daniel Pinchbeck - "Cancel the Apocalypse" / Psychedelic Salon
John Shirley - "imagine apocalypse" / The RU Sirius Show (#82)
Black Dice - Schwip Schwap / Creature Comforts
Prefuse 73 - Culturaluhorgasm / Extinguished: Outtakes
Will Franken - Civilianophobia (excerpt) / Things We Did Before Reality
Blockhead - The Art of Walking / Downtown Science
Amon Tobin - Reactionary (Controller 7) / Solid Steel Presents: Live
Beck - Landside / The Information
Beta Band - Life / Hot Shots II
John Medeski & Kid Koala - "movin' on" / live 11.02.2006

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 4
First Released May 2008

A CHANCE FOR EVOLUTION: Moving on from the thematic intensity of the previous mix, Volume 4 flows through a lush, absorbing and mostly wordless trip-hop laced soundscape, serving as buoyant backbeat to catalyze the imaginative dream engine and put a graceful curve on your commute...

Download Volume Four [45min. MP3]

John Medeski & Kid Koala - "movin' on" / live 11.02.2006
Signer - Post Obsession / Low Light Dreams
Audio from Negitivland's Over the Edge Radio Show
Funki Porcini - Tokyosaka Train / Fast Asleep
Beastie Boys - Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') / Hello Nasty
Wevie Stonder - Cafe con Lecce / Eat Your Own Ears
Benoit Charest - Cabaret Aspirateur / Triplets of Belleville Soundtrack
Billy Martin & John Medeski - Crustaceatron / Mago
Triztesa - Shifty (Marumari remix) / Mixed Signals
Casino vs. Japan - Relay Goodbye / Hitori + Kaiso 1998-2001
Pluramon - Hintergrund (Mogwai remix) / Bit Sand Riders
Cibo Matto - Mortming / Stereo Type A
Club d'Elf feat. John Medeski - "Improv" / 10.12.2006
Audio from the video Thomas Pynchon? (YouTube)
Aleksi Perala - Purple Rain / Project V
Alienslang - Bent channel shrapnel /
Aleksi Perala - Underwater Carousel / Project V
Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts II track 18 / Ghosts I-IV
Lusine ICL - Cascade / Condensed
Wu-Tang Clan - Shame on a Nuh (clean) / Enter the Wu-Tang
Audio from the film Lost in Translation (2004)
Cibo Matto - Le Pain Perdu / VIVA! La Woman
Amon Tobin - Mighty Micro People / Out From Out Where
William Gibson - "Futon Mouth" / Virtual Light (audiobook)
Steve Reich Ensemble - City Life (DJ Spooky remix) / Reich Remixed

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 5
First Released Sept. 2009

WE'RE ALL ANTENNAS: In collaboration with DJ Myrk, DJ Phalaris has integrated a live vinyl mix with elements of experimental sound collage to create an enfolding sonic journey, blending spacious ambient textures & submerged beatronics into a meditative headphone reverie...

Download Volume Five [45min. MP3]

Steve Reich Ensemble - City Life (DJ Spooky remix) / Reich Remixed
md - Kkowboy + Line of Sight / Between Gaps
Excerpts from Tribal Radio Collage (June 2009) /
Mouse on Mars - Pegel Gesetzt / Instrumentals
Jeff Gburek - UbAlx2 (Berlin) /
J. Matthews - Electro Exotic 1 / Barry 7's Connectors
Isotope 217 - Sint_D / Who Stole The I Walkman?
Radian Nahfeld / Rec.Extern
Rachel's - Old Road 60 / Selenography
Brian Eno - Strange Light / Music For Films
Stars of the Lid - Even(Out) / ...And Their Refinement of The Decline
Boards of Canada - Ready Let's Go + Music Is Math / Geogaddi
KPT Michigan - Solong S_20 / Player, Player
Alienslang - kook /
Excerpt from Episode 141: Invisible Worlds / This American Life
Tim Hecker - Careless Whispers / Radio Amor
Medeski Martin & Wood - Chantes Des Femmes / Radiolarians 3
Dosh - Kit and Pearle / Wolves and Wishes
Freeform - Meng / Me Shape
Audio from the film A Hard Day's Night (1964)

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 6
First Released July 2011

A HEADPHONE OASIS: DJ Phalaris returns with a lively release, featuring new music from Battles, Amon Tobin, the Beastie Boys and more. Tuning in to the creative process itself, this brisk, sample-heavy mix offers a refreshing headphone oasis guaranteed to spin a smile through your summer miles...

Download Volume Six [45min. MP3]

Freeform - Meng / Me Shape
luiiiiiiii - maltreated tape recorder /
Beck - Inferno / Odelay Deluxe Edition
Audio from The Daily Show 04.07.2011
Audio from the 30 Rock episode "The Rural Juror" (S01E10)
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Travis Barker & DJ AM Remix)
Missy Eliot - Work It / Under Construction
Radiolab - Sound is Like Touch /
Audio from the short film Impossible Wall /
JustinBW - noisegroup /
Black Dice - Lazy TV / Repo
Radiolab - "Pigeon Magnetism" /
Mitch Hedberg - Beret & Pancakes / Strategic Grill Locations
Battles - Ice Cream / Gloss Drop
Eno & Byrne - Pitch to Voltage / My Life in the Bush with Ghosts
Amon Tobin - Calculate + Kitty Cat / Isam
Polmo Polpo - High Breathing / The Science of Breath
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Antennas to Heaven / Lift Yr Skinny Fists...
Dreissk - To That Which Binds Me / The Finding
Radiolab - "Musical Language" /
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) - Interview / Radio Radio
Studio 360 - "Arts on the Chopping Block" (excerpt)
Audio from the 30 Rock episode "Secret Santa" (S04E08)
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise / Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2
Medeski Martin & Wood - Shackman / 20 - Volume 1
Timbaland - Bounce / Shock Value
Blockhead - Breath and Start / Music by Cavelight
Nerfbau - Cochlear Phantasmagoria / Error Swarms
Bonobo - Intro / Animal Magic
Kid Koala - Taboo Soda / Scratchcratchratchatch
Cathedral - Cosmic Funeral / Cosmic Requiem
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (Videoman Remix) / YouTube
Beastie Boys - Professor Booty / Check Your Head
All Mighty Senators - Underwater / All Mighty Senators
Forest for the Trees - Green Light / Forest for the Trees
Audio from the film Step Up 3D (2010)

Also includes samples from the following CC licensed audio:
cognito perceptu - cassette tape action 2 /
Clemens von Reusner - cars passing by /
Barrigan - Tape Squeak /
themfish - streets /
plagasul - cinta ambiente1 /

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 7
First Released January 2014

FALL INTO THE LIGHT: The Mixtapology series continues with a decidedly psychedelic excursion. Featuring music from Tame Impala, Apples in Stereo, Forest for the Trees and The Beatles—plus the voices of Terence McKenna, A.H. Almaas and Jack Kerouac—Vol. 7 investigates the sense of unity we find when the mind is opened wide...

Download Volume Seven [45min. MP3]

Beck - Inferno / Odelay Deluxe Edition
cwcpr - Magical Mystery Tour Remix / YouTube
To Rococo Rot - Along the Route / Music is a Hungry Ghost
Terence McKenna - "What psychedelic means" / Unfolding the Stone
Beastie Boys - Infomercial for Hello Nasty pt. 1 / YouTube
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Looking Glass Blues / IRM (bonus track)
Apples in Stereo - The Narrator / Fun Trick Noisemaker
Tame Impala - Mind Mischief / Lonerism
Bogdan Raczynski - Nan No Tame… / Samurai Math Beats
Audio from the film Overview (2012) / Vimeo
Boards of Canada - A Is to B as B Is to C / Geogaddi
Forest for the Trees - Fall / Forest for the Trees
Afterquake - Quake & Tibetan Wish / Afterquake
Dilatedears - Calmoctopus / Twitter
A.H. Almaas - "Realization Unfolds" / YouTube
Apples in Stereo - Innerspace / Fun Trick Noisemaker
Jack Kerouac - MacDougal Street Blues (w- Joe Strummer) / Kicks Joy Darkness
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Black Dice - Endless Happiness / Beaches & Canyons
Terence Mckenna - "luminous beings" / Unfolding the Stone
Phish - Faht / A Picture of Nectar
Jack Kerouac - Brooklyn Bridge Blues Ch. 10 (read by Eric Anderson)
The Beatles - Within You Without You / Sgt. Peppers
The Doors - The Soft Parade / The Soft Parade
Pavement - Robyn Turns 26 / At Home With the Groovebox
Beck - Beercan / Mellow Gold
Audio from the film Before Sunrise (1995)
Medeski Martin & Wood - Junkyard (Scotty Hard Remix) / Remixolarians
Audio from the Up All Night episode "New Car" (S01E04)

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 8
First Released June 2014

ALL THE LITTLE ELEMENTS OF THE WHOLE: In this exciting conclusion to the Mixtapology series, DJ Phalaris deftly integrates elements from each previous Volume, connecting the dots amidst more music and audio collage before signing off in style. Take a little journey as the series swings full circle.

Download Volume Eight [45min. MP3]

Medeski Martin & Wood - Junkyard (Scotty Hard Remix) / Remixolarians
Audio from the Community episode "Pilot" (S01E01)
Badly Drawn Boy - Bewilder / The Hour of Bewilderbeast
Phish - Icculus / Madison Square Garden, NYC, 12.31.2013
The Roots - 3rd Acts: Electric Boogaloo / Things Fall Apart
Eskmo - We Got More / Eskmo
MMW with Nels Cline - Los Blank / Woodstock Sessions
Prefuse 73 - Radio Attack / Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Jan Werner of Mouse on Mars in Nowa Muzyka Festival Documentary
Aesop Rock - Attention Span (feat. Vast Aire) / Float
Rachel’s - Wouldn't Live Anywhere Else / Systems/Layers
Rachel’s - And Keep Smiling / Systems/Layers
Beastie Boys - Nuclear Disarmament / Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2
Avalanches - Little Journey / Since I Left You
Samples from all previous volumes of Mixtapology
wigwamtongue - ImmortalWindow /
Zoe Keating - Legion (Forest) / Into the Trees
Beulah - Emma Blowgun's Last Stand / When Your Heartstrings Break
Soul Coughing - The Idiot Kings / Irresistible Bliss
Man Man - Eel Bros / Life Fantastic
Squirrel Nut Zippers - It’s Over / Perennial Favorites
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Unsquare Dance / Time Further Out
Tom Waits - Clap Hands / Rain Dogs
Red Fish, Blue Fish - Suicide Suite / Last Time I Committed Suicide Soundtrack
Beck - Clap Hands / Guero (Special Edition)
DJ Spooky - Invisual Ocean / Viral Sonata
My Great Ghost - Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1 / Philip Glass Remixed
William Parker - Final Say / 1998 New York Jazz Festival

FINE PRINT. Mixtapology episodes are created and distributed as completely free, non-commercial "digital mixtapes" intended to share musical perceptions and cultural ideas. These podcasts include a large number of variously modified samples, snippets and excerpts, but rarely contain complete songs or works, seeking rather to explore connections and create narrative threads, as in collage. Do not hesitate to contact with any concerns. You’re free to share these podcasts as widely as you like, but please do so non-commercially, always attributing the mix to its creator(s) and linking back to this page. If you do share Mixtapology, please let us know. Visit Creative Commons for more information about "Some Rights Reserved" copyrights.

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