The Mixtapology Series

Mixtape science: in this eight-part podcast series, FudoMouth's own DJ Phalaris takes the aesthetic of the mixtape to a new level. Embracing the spirit of old school cassette compilations, each Mixtapology episode explores an array of thematic and creative energies through an assemblage of music, sampled ideas and audio collage. The episodes all connect, creating an enfolding headphone journey that comes full circle, inviting repeat listens.

The series was sporadically produced from 2006-2014, and is now complete. You can stream and download all eight 45-minute episodes below, individually or here: |

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DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 1
First Released Sept. 2006

THE SHAPE OF THE MACHINE: In this wiggy first volume, Phalaris delivers an experimental mix of jazz breaks, electronica, sound collage and archival audio, cutting his teeth and deftly establishing the structure of the series in his continuing captivation with the best of the way-back and the far-out...

the mixtapologist

Download Volume One [44min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 2
First Released March 2007

WHAT WE USED TO CALL THE REAL WORLD: This second mix arcs away from the first, tracking a fluid exploration through electronic, glitch, bent hip-hop, ambient, sampled ideas and superb sound collage, conjuring in the process a call-and-response conversation about media and reality in the digital age...

Mixtapology Vol.2

Download Volume Two [42min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 3
First Released August 2007

IT'S A WONDERFUL APOCALYPSE: This third volume structures a thematic journey through the shadowed mind of apocalypse longing, prophecy and prediction—from science fiction to the book of revelation—a challenging mix that unravels the absurdity of extreme thinking without ever breaking stride...

Download Volume Three [45min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 4
First Released May 2008

A CHANCE FOR EVOLUTION: Moving on from the thematic intensity of the previous mix, Volume 4 flows through a lush, absorbing and mostly wordless trip-hop laced soundscape, serving as buoyant backbeat to catalyze the imaginative dream engine and put a graceful curve on your commute...

Download Volume Four [45min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 5
First Released Sept. 2009

WE'RE ALL ANTENNAS: In collaboration with DJ Myrk, DJ Phalaris has integrated a live vinyl mix with elements of experimental sound collage to create an enfolding sonic journey, blending spacious ambient textures & submerged beatronics into a meditative headphone reverie...

Download Volume Five [45min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 6
First Released July 2011

A HEADPHONE OASIS: DJ Phalaris returns with a lively release, featuring new music from Battles, Amon Tobin, the Beastie Boys and more. Tuning in to the creative process itself, this brisk, sample-heavy mix offers a refreshing headphone oasis guaranteed to spin a smile through your summer miles...

Download Volume Six [45min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 7
First Released January 2014

FALL INTO THE LIGHT: The Mixtapology series continues with a decidedly psychedelic excursion. Featuring music from Tame Impala, Apples in Stereo, Forest for the Trees and The Beatles—plus the voices of Terence McKenna, A.H. Almaas and Jack Kerouac—Vol. 7 investigates the sense of unity we find when the mind is opened wide...

Download Volume Seven [45min. MP3]

DJ Phalaris - Mixtapology Vol. 8
First Released June 2014

ALL THE LITTLE ELEMENTS OF THE WHOLE: In this exciting conclusion to the Mixtapology series, DJ Phalaris deftly integrates elements from each previous Volume, connecting the dots amidst more music and audio collage before signing off in style. Take a little journey as the series swings full circle.

Download Volume Eight [45min. MP3]

FINE PRINT. Mixtapology episodes are created and distributed as completely free, non-commercial "digital mixtapes" intended to share musical perceptions and cultural ideas. These podcasts include a large number of variously modified samples, snippets and excerpts, but rarely contain complete songs or works, seeking rather to explore connections and create narrative threads, as in collage. Do not hesitate to contact with any concerns. You’re free to share these podcasts as widely as you like, but please do so non-commercially, always attributing the mix to its creator(s) and linking back to this page. If you do share Mixtapology, please let us know. Visit Creative Commons for more information about "Some Rights Reserved" copyrights.

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