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Sabba kamma jahassa bhikkhuno,
Dhunamanassa pure katam rajam.
Amamassa thitassa tadino.
Attho natthi janam lapetave.

The monk who does not make new kamma
And combs out old defilements as they arise
Has reached that meditative state
        where there remains no 'I' or 'mine'.
For him mere babbling makes no sense.
Engrossed in silent practice, he is bent.

--Kamma Sutta (Udana 21)

This verse is found in the Udana, or exclamations of the Buddha, a collection of short suttas comprising a book of the Tipitaka, the Pali language record of the Buddha's teaching. The translation provided here is from this article produced by the Vipassana Research Association. Additionally, the full sutta in two translations is available HERE.

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